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Simon Horrocks - MOMO Film Festival UK/Switzerland 

Classy short film shot on an iPhone


Android Filmmaker

Wow! I totally forgot I was watching a movie shot on a smartphone. Well done.


Marc Blank-Settle - BBC. UK

Its a great short film, that just happens to be shot on an iPhone (you’ll soon forget about that aspect!) with some added signature Rayner touches, like silky-smooth tracking shots.


IPhoneographers - USA

Everyone check out Cassius short film here.. lots of people talk about making films, but few actually do it (even with todays accessible gear)


Tim Bingham - award winning photographer - Ireland 

The hours of dedication that went into this speaks for itself. Its well written, well acted and each shot is artistically composed. This takes film making on an iPhone to the next level.


Kevin Bourke PR. -USA

Amazing mobile cinematography! I have never met anyone so talented and dedicated to the craft! 


Mal McCann - Press Photographer Irish News. Ireland 

First class piece Cassius, I know the amount of effort that goes into each clip to produce this.


Beraat Gokkus - award winning filmmaker - France

Very cool film, great shots, don’t miss it. Awesome work Cassius bravo.


Mike Buttery - BBC Yorkshire. UK

Check out this awesome film by Cassius Rayner.


Mike Laponis - voice actor - USA

Incredible, on so many levels!! Great work.


Rob Layton - Mobile Journalist \ PHD Scholar - Australia 

This film is an outstanding example of smartphone filmmaking, really utilising the medium. If I didn’t know it was shot on an iPhone I;d assume it was traditionally shot. It helps that Cassius also knows how to write and direct.


Monty Davis - Video producer USA



Kerri Hedley-Cheney - award winning actor. UK

Its stunning!


Toby sadler - Journalist TV news UK

You really have an unrivalled eye with that smartphone. 


Tony Johnston - Producer Switzaland

Always love seeing your work Cassius Rayner another gem.


Alexandra Ferguson - Screenspace Deputy Programme at Met Film school UK

Incredible short film made by the outstanding Cassius Rayner. 


Myalism Films 

Worth the wait! Beautiful shots and camera work. And seeing the BTS and seeing how the actual shots work in the film is such a cool thing.



JackJillyJones channel - UK

This was absolutely beautiful! Once again you have inspired the camera in my pocket! Great work Cassius.



iFilm Visuals - Nigeria

This is beautiful 



Ronald James Baculo  - Filmmaker / Mental Health Ambassador - Philippines 

Awesome job Cassius! This is a great reminder that ‘mobile filmmaking’ isn’t just about ‘cinematography’ on a smartphone. This film shows that its also about getting the best performances out of the actors (the older mum was particularly excellent), Its about telling a nuanced yet engaging visual story (that has real plot and doesn’t spell it all out), it’s about the collaboration with all the crew involved, and so much more. Mobile filmmaking is filmmaking (and all that it entails) that just happens to be shot on a mobile device. Bravo again Mr Rayner.


Alessandro Guarasci - Journalist Italy

Very compelling - Bravo.


Glen Mulcahy - Titanium Media / Trainer-Consultant 

This is amazing! The casting, acting, cinematography, locations everything…its just amazing. Blown away - seriously.