About gofilm it. 

gofilm it was established by Cassius Rayner in 2014. Prior to that Cassius dedicated many years running various UK wide projects training disadvantaged and marginalised young people in film production. Engaging, motivating and supporting young people into further education, continued training, film apprenticeships and employment.

Since 2014 Cassius continued to support and train young people in film up and until 2017. During these training programmes Cassius continued to shoot documentaries, music videos and charity content expanding more on mobile technology . Using mobile tech to film with Cassius has now filmed projects in China, Hong Kong, Africa, Europe, USA and South America.

Cassius ' in recent years my passion and drive to shoot using mobile phones and the Filmic pro app just gets stonger and stronger. It has allowed me to explore other areas of my own creativity and delve into projects that were just not possible to complete under the conventional umbrella of production'. 

Working with mobile phones to shoot content feels real and personal to me and can be also very personal to the subject, capturing moments, places and time that again would take so long to prepare using other methods. It gives me freedom and no excuse to not shoot, and find myself most days creating something from what I see in the streets and that really excites me.


Other films shot by Cassius Rayner using a mobile phone